clothespin burst mirror / by Riane Menardi

This is one of my favorite things! I was inspired by a white version of this clothespin mirror by Tara Dennis. But I have a lot of paints in my stash and wanted to make a colorful version for my new apartment.


  • about 64 clothespins, depending on the size of your mirror.
  • small mirror (I think I used a 4-inch mirror from Michael's) .
  • small wooden disc for the backing
  • hot glue


  • Separate the clothespins by taking the metal parts out.
  • Decide what colors you want and how many clothespins you need.
  • Divide the number of clothespins by number of colors. The end number is how many clothespins you'll paint of each color.
  • Get painting! I used two coats on each pin. Set to dry.
  • Glue the mirror to the middle of the wooden disc.
  • Arrange the clothespins around your mirror in order. I found it easier to keep the clothespins flush together if they were already organized. 
  • Glue the clothespins in place and let it set. 

What do you think? What colors would you use to spruce up your space?