What's with the name? 

I like the word "vessel." A vessel is something that carries you, envelopes you and transports you somewhere else. Quilts and the quilting process do that for me. I love the challenge of designing and making quilts, and I love curling up in one as well. They're timeless, loving and challenging — the perfect vessel for creativity.

What sewing machine do you use? 

I use an old Bernina 1230 that was given to me by a wise old quilter. It has history, and many quilts were lovingly made on it. It's heavy, sturdy, and I love it.

Do you only quilt with sashiko, or do you machine quilt as well? 

I usually prefer to hand quilt. I love the big stitches and how hand quilting forces you to take complete ownership of a quilt. And honestly, I'm not very good at machine quilting :)

Where did you get those rocket ships? 

The rockets were on my desk when I started interning at ReadyMade magazine. When the magazine closed and we were clearing out our desks, I adopted the rockets and gave them a new home. ReadyMade sparked my love of making and maker culture, so the rockets hold a special place in my heart. Also, if I were to have a vessel of choice, rockets wouldn't be a bad way to travel.