On staying passionate

Any writer will tell you this: writing is a terrible, horrifying, gut-wrenching, soul-sucking process. It just is. Sitting down to write is pretty much guaranteeing yourself hours of misery. There are those first terrifying moments when you stare down the blank screen and flashing cursor. Then there's the doubt — do I really want to start with that? Am I too wordy? Is this redundant? Is it interesting? Then, there's the editing. You know what you've written is probably shit. And you hack it. And hack it. And hack it apart until it doesn't look quite so beastly.

But there's one thing that writers — and in particular, journalists — live for. And no, it's not seeing your name in print (though that is pretty neat too). But for me, it's the interview high.

Interview high is when you talk to someone so awesome and passionate about their work, that it inspires you to be a better person. It makes you have faith in the world. And in yourself.

I've interviewed three such persons in the past two weeks. Jacquie Gering, Angela Walters and Zak Foster. Their lives and styles are different, but their passion is the same. Each 30-minute interview left me energized, introspective and motivated to do more and be more. Interestingly, these people are all teachers, and I can only imagine the creativity they inspire in their students.

Interview high is a big part of why I write. And it keeps me moving forward. If there are people working so hard on their dreams, failing and succeeding every day, and inspiring others, then so to can we. Soldier on.

P.S. Interviews with these rock stars will be in the Spring 2015 issue of Fresh Quilts. Just as soon as I get back to writing them...