MQG Indie Member Mug Rug Swap Spring 2015

Usually I have horrible luck with swaps — I catch them on Instagram too late, and everyone is already excited fabric and sewing and whatnot. As soon as the buzz starts, inevitably the swap has closed, and I'm locked out of the fun. But in April, I caught a glimpse of a post by Nina With Freckles. A swap! For Indie MGQ members! That's me. I was in.

Our charge: a mug rug — something season-neutral. I had some hexies in my stash that were just dreaming of being made into a mug rug, so I happily obliged. Here's the result. My little rug is now on it's way to Michelle at Stitches of Joi. I hope she likes it!

Know of any good swaps coming up? Let me know! I'd love to join.