March Mighty Lucky: One Wrong Color

This month I joined the Mighty Lucky Quilting Club, and I've been working on a for-fun quilt that has one wrong color in it. This month was led by Rossie Hutchinson, and I've had so much fun learning from her! Back at QuiltCon 2013, I saw her Conversation Quilt and it was one of my favorites at the show. I told myself I'd make one someday — and that was before I was really a modern quilter. (I finally started a few blocks of my own last fall!) I met Rossie briefly in Pasadena, and it has been fun getting to know her work more through this challenge. 

Going into this challenge, I was a bit overconfident. I know how to work with color, right? But there's always more to learn, and learn I did. I pulled a stack of navy, mustard yellow and warm neutrals,  and then introduced teal as my wrong color. It was harder than I thought to make it work. I had to dig deep into my stash to find teals that would match and fully integrate the color into the design. 

As I was improv piecing the quilt, I tried to use the teal consistently to tie quadrants of the quilt together. The long strips of teal work to move the eye from one side to the other and up and down. 

I really enjoyed working on this challenge, and can't wait for the next month! I'm going to put this top away for the moment while I decide how to quilt it. I want to tie more navy into the design with sashiko thread, and I'm thinking about mixing hand quilting and machine. We'll see. 

I want to fill in these "geese" with more sashiko. They'll help tie the navy theme through this large white area!

Still in love with these fish.

Want to join the Mighty Lucky Club? April's challenge is coming out soon! Join here.