Gettin' Fancy: A Trip to Denver's Fancy Tiger

I spent the Thanksgiving holiday where I always do — in my grandparent's cozy, constant house in Southwest Denver. There's nothing quite like grandma's house (and cooking) to make you feel totally relaxed for a week.

Much of my time there was spent chatting with family and hand-quilting my fabulous Cubist quilt (I'm SO excited about this project, you don't even know). So much, that I ran out of sashiko thread. But wait! Denver is home to one of THE COOLEST fabric and yarn shops in the country: Fancy Tiger.

Eager for an excuse to go, my sister and I hopped in the car and made an afternoon of it. I found my sashiko thread (and maybe a copy of Carolyn Friedlander's book, Savor Every Stitch, which I'm LOVING so far. Eek!) Anyway, if you're in the area, get yourself to this amazeballs store.

Um, I need a work table like this. Or two.

Kicking myself that I forgot to write down the designer or pattern name :( But isn't it dreamy!

Fabric for days.

Wool roving, anyone? 

More fabric, and my fabulous sister, Erin!

A sewist's dream, right?

OMG wool.

And here's my WIP Wednesday! Nice big sashiko stitches are THE BEST. Can't wait to share the final product.