Upcraft Club (and patterns for sale!)

One of my goals for a loooong time has been to post patterns for sale. I've written patterns for magazines and other projects, but unfortunately, most of them remained tucked away and never made into their own layout or shop. But that was before I found UpCraft Club.

UpCraft Club was started by a fellow Des Moines professional, Elizabeth Caven, and I was blown away when I sat down to chat with her last fall. She has such an amazing vision, and she and her colleague Jess are working hard to make UpCraft Club the marketplace for digital patterns.

As an expat of a handmade-focused startup, I understand their world better than most. It's extremely hard work, and they have the added pressure of building their company within one of the most intense and fast-paced startup accelerators around: 500 Startups. Elizabeth shared the start of her journey on While She Naps if you're interested in learning more. I was lucky enough to see Elizabeth and Jess in Pasadena at QuiltCon, and it sounds like they're thriving and making great things happen at UpCraft Club.

 Click to purchase!

Click to purchase!

I have three patterns for sale on UpCraft Club now. One of my favorite things about the market is that they work with brick and mortar retailers to actually distribute digital patterns. What? Yes, it's awesome. Brick and mortars can carry UpCraft Club pattern cards, and when they sell, the shop receives a cut of the cost. UpCraft Club also prioritizes quality and certifies patterns that meet their criteria. I'm so excited to see what they do for the industry.

If you're interested in purchasing my patterns, please visit my UpCraft Club shop here. You can also become a member of UpCraft Club and take your pick of patterns each month. Or contact them about selling your own quilt patterns! They're super nice, I promise.