Get your Learn on: Cubism

Before this week, I'd never given much thought to to Cubism. I've never taken an art-history class, and my relationship with art museums is one of respect, awe and incredulity — for about the first six exhibits (read: until my feet start getting sore). But internet art-going is much easier, and I've been browsing and ogling over Cubist works for a solid three days now. What I've learned is that they would make AMAZING modern quilts.

Like modern quilts, Cubism emerged as one of the first modern art movements and was the start of modern abstract aesthetic. It was created by Picasso and Georges Braques, who wanted to reinvent Western art by breaking it apart and processing it through different perspectives — or all perspectives at once.

"They wanted instead to emphasize the two-dimensionality of the canvas. So they reduced and fractured objects into geometric forms and then realigned these within a shallow, relief-like space." – Sabine Rewald, MET

Don't you love that? I wanted to make a cubist quilt, and I figured this would be the perfect time to use some fabrics I've been saving. This naturally dyed vintage cotton comes from Maggie, aka Girl with a Sword, an extremely talented fiber artist from Iowa. She reclaims vintage fabric and dyes it with the most beautiful matching colors. It's even still a bit pungent (in the best possible way), smelling of the indigo, rust, black-eyed susan, and logwood with which it was dyed.


I'm using these beautiful works for inspiration, and I'll be finalizing the top tonight! The fabric truly makes it look like a painting. Photos to come soon!